Emergency Management of the city Coatesville, PA

Yellow Dot Program

The Yellow Dot Program is the firstly its kind in their state of Pennsylvania. Having enjoyed great success in several states, Paoli Hospital is leading an initiative to offer the Program to the residents of Chester County and its surrounding areas. The Yellow Dot Program is designed to assist Chester County drivers and passengers as well as police, firemen and emergency medical personnel in the eventuality of a motor vehicle collision or other medical emergency. By improving communications during the critical “golden hour” when victims might be unable to communicate for themselves, the Yellow Dot Program can help save lives. For clean up after fires consider Dumpster Rentals for a cheap safe way to dispose of the construction waste.

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The Yellow Dot Program provides detailed medical information which can be crucial following a collision. Drivers and passengers who be involved in the Program receive a Yellow Dot Program Packet, which includes:

Yellow Dot sticker
Glove compartment folder
Medical information form (documents participant name(s), emergency and physician contact information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies and prescribed medications. Space is available for identifying photo. )

For consistency and ease of identification, the Yellow Dot sticker is placed on the left side of the vehicle’s rear window. This sticker alerts first responders that the corresponding Yellow Dot Program folder with participant information form(s) is inside the glove compartment of the vehicle. Armed with this specific information, first responders and emergency departments are able to definitely identify the victim, call family or emergency contacts and ensure that a participant’s current medications and pre-existing medical conditions are considered upon treatment of injuries. Paoli Hospital, an entity of Main Line Health, is proud to sponsor the Yellow Dot Program. It is a collective effort of local police force agencies, fire and rescue departments, emergency medical services, hospitals and community members, which is administered by the Injury Prevention and Outreach Program of the Upheaval Center at Paoli Hospital. This service is offered to individuals of all ages and is primarily geared toward seniors.

Emergency Management of the city Coatesville, PA:

For more information, please contact Lisa Eckenrode, Paoli Hospital’s Upheaval Injury Prevention and Outreach Coordinator at 484. 565. 8328 or email eckenrodel@mlhs. org. Or visit www.yellowdot.pa.gov or www.mainlinehealth.org/Trauma.