Programs and Initiatives of the city Coatesville, PA

The Coatesville Police Department is charged with the security and safety of its residents. Our goal is to enhance the total well being for our citizens by decreasing the amount of criminal activity in the City. Overall the department desires to increase community relations by the development and implementation of programs built to reach the business owners and residents of the City. We’re committed to the following Values and Principles:

Coatesville, PA

We believe it is the role of the police to eliminate problems through the enforcement of laws, not through the imposition of judgment or punishment.
We believe the police and the community share in the responsibility for crime control and public safety, and that the role of the police is defined by the community it serves.
We subscribe to the principle that services will be delivered in a manner which preserves and
upholds democratic values within our community.
We are devoted to maintaining the highest level of quality service, integrity and professionalism in everything we do, and our capability to achieve is dependent upon the diversity and quality of our work force.
We accept the responsibility to answer criminal activity in a way to emphasize prevention and which can be marked by vigorous police force.
We recognize and support the principle that people has a right to be informed about police operations provided such information does not undermine any ongoing investigations or operations.
We believe in working collaboratively with neighborhoods and community groups to better understand the nature of the problems and to develop meaningful and cooperative strategies to address them.
We are committed to managing the public’s resources in the most efficient manner possible.
We are committed to the belief that no person’s claim to dignity and civil rights is any less than another’s claim, and that neither age, social status, nor race, diminishes entitlement to decent treatment and respect.
We believe our members to be the greatest and most valuable asset of the department, and the essential ingredient is always to effectively and effectively accomplish the police mission, and that only through mutual respect, cooperation and teamwork can the community be best served.
We believe in the equitable, fair and impartial application of laws and ordinances without regard to race, color, creed, sex, or station in life, and in treating all people who have tolerance, compassion and the dignity we would expect if found in similar circumstances.
We believe in the preservation of basic human rights and the maintenance of individual human dignity under the rule and spirit of law, which dictates that the ends do not always justify the means and that punishment, is not the function of the police.
We believe in providing quality, empathetic, responsive and professional services to the citizens and visitors of our community, and we believe the citizens have endowed us with a public trust, a trust we will honor by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional police
We believe in proactive team management, open communication and employee input, and when decisions are made, we realize it is crucial that everyone work together toward achieving departmental goals.
We believe a written policy, including rules and regulations are necessary to steer each member of the department in the performance of the duties.
We believe all actions taken by department personnel must be legal, professional, reasonable and consistent with the spirit and intent with this philosophy statement, the Constitution of the United States, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the ordinances of the
jurisdictions by which we serve.
We genuinely believe that crime and other community nuisances are social ills that individuals, as police personnel, are incapable of conquering alone.

We believe to serve in an impartial, courteous, responsive, and effective manner.
We rely on maintaining an attitude that respects the dignity and rights of those we serve.
We believe in facilitating open communications with the public.
We believe in taking responsibility for the actions and are willing to admit our mistakes.
We rely on professionalism that is the result of a definite sense of perspective and direction, strengthened by teamwork and innovation.
We will remain enthusiastic and put empathy first and foremost in public and employee relations.
We believe in promoting community involvement and cooperation.
We will always be mindful that individuals are members of people we serve.